Dive Student Ministry

Names have meaning and at FBC Cherokee it’s our desire to build a good one. To “dive” is to jump headfirst into something that’s much bigger than you and move to a new depth that isn’t possible by everyday movement.

In a world that can chase the fleeting, temporary, and shallow, we want to create a culture that leads students to pursue depth and substance to their faith beyond that which they ever dreamed possible. We want them to plunge deep into the truth and mystery of who Jesus is. We want them to experience the surge of excitement as their relationship with Him takes form.

We want them to dive into the unfathomable vastness of God’s goodness and his grace to find a treasure worth living for.

Sunday Mornings

Every Sunday morning our students (7th-12th) meet together for Sunday School. During this time, students can come and enjoy community with each other at 9:30 AM over coffee, snacks, games, and everything else our student center has to offer. Our students then gather for a large group teaching time where we jump into the scripture and have open discussion on its application and impact over our lives.

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday nights our students (6th-12th) grade meet in the Student Center for their Wednesday Night Worship. Every week our students have a blast playing games, enjoying fellowship with each other, watching funny videos, and hearing from God’s word. We use this time to lay down some important spiritual truths that are foundational to the lives of growing followers of Christ.

Our goal is to not only communicate the truth of God’s word, but to illuminate ways in their own lives for them to make that truth a reality.

Adult Leadership

A-Team (our Adult Youth Ministry Staff) works hard every week to provide our students with a fun-filled and safe environment where they feel valued and welcome. We rely heavily on our A-Team to do everything ranging from 1-on-1 ministry, to small groups, to camps, to monthly events, and even teaching on different occasions.

The entire goal of the A-Team is to work alongside parents to help students learn to follow and serve God at church, home, school, and everywhere else.

Student Leadership

Impact Team is our servant leadership team. This team is made up of students who are looking for a practical way to put their faith in Jesus into action.

Students who serve on our impact team are provided with opportunities every week to make an impact for the kingdom by serving other students and connecting with them in many different ways on Wednesday nights. The years where our students serve on impact team are focused on finding practical ways to teach our students the importance and value of ministry.

Core Leadership is our high school leadership team. This team is made up of students who have a desire to take their relationship with Jesus to new depths. We consider our Core leadership students as a student staff. Every week they engage our junior high students during Surge, and help make our Wednesday night services a reality. They do everything from cleaning, to serving, to teaching.

We hold our Core Leadership students to a high standard and walk with them all through thick and thin. We also take multiple trips per year to either team build or reward these students for their service.